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16 €

Gambero rosso ceviche

Citrus foam, pickled red onions, micro cilantro, rice and chili cracker
14 €

White bean hummus

Truffle oil, pickled crudités, radicchio rosso di Treviso, radish
14 €

Chicken parfait

Apple chutney, Port wine jelly, toasted bread
14 €

»Prleška tünka« PGI (minced lard and pork)

Candied apples, horseradish foam, minced lard with herbs and pumpkin seeds, quail egg, toasted bread
20 €/25 dag

House selection of Slovenian cheeses

Tolminc cheese, Bovec cheese, cow’s milk cheese with chilli, cow’s milk cheese with mixed peppercorns, Slovenian honey, dried fruits, mixed nuts, cottage cheese spread with herbs
20 €/25 dag

House selection of Slovenian
meat delicacies

Prosciutto, Lardo, Soča sausage, Tolmin stuffed pig stomach, marinated olives, cottage cheese spread with herbs, dried fruits, pickled vegetables
27 €/25 dag

House selection of Slovenian meat
delicacies and cheeses

Marinated olives, cottage cheese spread with herbs, dried fruits, mixed nuts, pickled vegetables
6,5 €

Traditional beef soup

Egg noodles, cooked beef, cooked carrots
6,5 €

Chef’s daily soup

Selection of seasonal ingredients
18 €

Tagliatelle with chicken

Marinated chicken, asparagus, turmeric, sun dried tomatoes, chive
18 €

Summer risotto

King prawns, Adriatic prawns, leek, lemon juice
19 €

Istrian fuži with king prawns

Truffle oil, black truffle, white truffle powder, king prawns
19 €

Istrian fuži with beef strips

Truffle oil, black truffle, white truffle powder, beef strips
18 €

Black barley risotto

Cuttlefish, cuttlefish ink, mussels, pickled fennel with lemon
27 €

Confit lamb shank

Fresh grilled mushrooms, sautéed vegetables, Porto wine sauce
24 €

»Krškopoljec« pork belly

Celeriac root purée, buttered root vegetables, horseradish foam, pickled radish, buckwheat popcorn, Dijon mustard cream
28 €

Veal strip steak

Barley risotto, Demi-glace sauce, sautéed asparagus, pear gel
32 €

Aged Black Angus strip steak

Roasted potateos with herbs, roasted seasonal vegetables, homemade herb butter
36 €

Black Angus rib-eye steak

Roasted potatoes with herbs, grilled seasonal mushrooms, shallots, homemade herb butter
23 €

Sea bass fillet

Potato purée with olive oil, sautéed sea asparagus, Beurre Blanc with capers and chives, cherry tomatoes, tapioca chips
27 €

Octopus tentacles

Oven-baked potatoes, vegetables, capers, sun dried tomatoes, dehydrated black olives, passion fruit gel
29 €

Salmon fillet

Celeriac root purée, vegetable strips, chive oil, toasted pine nuts
1 kg / 69 €

Fresh big fish

Seabass or Sea beam (oven-baked / grilled / baked in salt)
1 kg / 75 €

Fresh big fish

John dory or Scorpionfish (oven-baked / grilled / baked in salt)
18 €

Salad with spicy beef fillet strips

Spicy beef strips, curly lettuce, herbal cottage cheese, balsamic pearl onions, currant dressing
17 €

Salad with chicken fillet strips

Chicken fillet strips, iceberg lettuce, grated egg, bread croutons, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings, Caesar dressing
18 €

Salad with octopus and prawns

Grilled octopus, prawns, mixed leaf lettuce, toasted pine nuts, parmesan cracker, Mediterranean dressing
16 €

Salad with grilled vegetables and
young cheese

Grilled vegetables, young cheese, mixed lettuce, beans, sweet corn, balsamic vinegar reduction
7 €

Pumpkin seed and white chocolate parfait

Crème Anglaise, pumpkin seed oil, caramelized pumpkin seeds powder
7 €

Mille-feuille with fresh berries

Vanilla cream, puff pastry, powdered sugar, fresh berries
6,5 €

Yoghurt mousse

White chocolate, hazelnut crumble, peach flambé, vanilla ice cream, fresh mint
8 €

Crunchy hazelnut tart

Hazelnut ganache, brazil nuts cake, peanut butter, raspberry coulis, salted caramel ice cream
8 €

Vegan coconut panna cotta

Mango sorbet, caramelized pineapple, hazelnut crumble
14 €

White beans hummus

herbal pesto, homemade pickled vegetables, pine nuts, fresh herbs
16 €

Lemon risotto with tofu

tahini paste, seasonal vegetables
21 €

Grilled marinated tofu

roasted potatoes with herbs, shiitake mushrooms, seasonal pesto, parsley, rocket salad
7 €

Coconut panna cotta

mango sorbet, caramelized pineapple, hazelnut crumble
16 €

»Zgornjesavinjski žlinkrofi« with wild garlic

Celeriac root purée, ground pork cracklings, wild garlic pesto, chive oil
15 €

Krompirjevi njoki

Škampov bisque, kraljevi gamberi, marinirana bučka
7 €

»Prekmurska gibanica«

Phyllo, poppy, walnuts, cottage cheese, apples, cooking cream


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